shipping and return policy

understand your shipping method

snail mail - is the cheapest shipping option.

it's only available for flat items and is not tracked. since we can't track it we cannot offer refunds on orders sent with this shipping option. also limited to orders weighing from 0 lbs to 0.44 lbs (0 g to 200 g).

small parcel - is for non-flat and flat items or orders weighing more than 0.44 lbs (200 g).

it is partially tracked, insured up to $175 by the courier and so we offer a refund to any orders that got lost, under the condition that we first need to open a case regarding the missing item with the courier. tracking code can be found on your order page and you can track it by going to

about tracking, missing/refund and free shipping

*free shipping will be given to all oceania region $80+ orders that's less than (400g).

orders that weigh heavier than than or outside oceania region will be given discounted shipping fee!

shall your order goes missing in transit, let us know by email; and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.